5028C- Double Circle Buckle Vegan Leather Belt

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Black / 2X
Black / 3X
Black / 4X
Tan / 2X
Tan / 3X
Tan / 4X

Double Circle Buckle Vegan Leather Belt

We couldn't leave our best selling double circle buckle belt alone without making it bolder and bigger with our wide double circle buckle belt. High up in the fashion trends, this wide double circle buckle belt is made with vegan leather and a brass toned buckle, making it minimalistic yet chic. Wear the double circle buckle wide belt over your jeans and skirts, or size down to wear as a waist belt over your blazer, cardigan, or dress for a stylish, modern clean look. Available in black and tan for wholesale and boutiques!

Material: genuine leather
Weight: ~4.8 oz
Width: 1.5"

Plus Size Lengths:
2X - 49"
3X - 51"
4X - 53"

How to style: with a pair of jeans or trousers, or even over a blazer
Made in China

  • Minimum 6 pieces per color

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