• Who is Most Wanted USA?
  • Most Wanted USA is a wholesale marketplace that provides fashion products for boutique and retail stores ranging from belts, bags, small leather goods, and more. We believe that wholesale fashion should be accessible, timely and effortless. 

  • How can I start as a retailer?
  • Thank you for showing a great interest in Most Wanted USA. Great news! In just a few easy steps you can be part of our company’s mission of providing fashion products in the market. To sign up as our retailer, kindly create an account here. Please prepare to share the following information:

    • Name:
    • Business name:
    • Email Address:
    • Phone Number:
    • Business Address:
    • City, State Zip:
    • Tax ID:

    Kindly, provide the accurate information for faster process of your application. The information you have on the application form will undergo a review process. Nothing to worry about, MW USA respects privacy of our clients. Personal information provided will be used service requested processes only. 

  • How long is the review process for application as a retailer? 
  • Once the application form has been submitted to us, our team will review your information. It usually takes one to two business days. Expect that you will receive an email from us about the result of your application. 

  • Do I need a Retailer ID?
  • Yes, retailers who want to purchase wholesale products from Most Wanted USA must have a Retailer’s ID. A Retailer’s ID can be a seller’s permit, resale certification or sale tax license. 

  • Can I find you at tradeshows? If so, which ones?
  • Yes, our team will be attending the WWD MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas from Aug. 9-11th, 2021. Please check back for our Booth # when we get closer.

    What MW USA offers?

  • What are the products MW USA offer?
  • Most Wanted USA offers fashion products skillfully designed to meet fashion trends in the market. We specialized belts, handbags, bracelets, small leather goods, home decors and gifts, and more. They are made from quality materials, undergo a careful process of making and decorating to produce highly sophisticated products for long-term uses. 

  • What kind of materials are they made of?
  • Our products are made of different types of leather to create handcrafted bags, bracelets, and small leather goods. We also have products that are made of water-resistant canvas and polyurethane, which usually comes from special requests of customers. 


  • Do you have free shipping? 
  • Not at this time. We do our best to keep our prices affordable. Shipping is normally less than 10% of the order. 

  • Is there any way to speed up the shipping process?
  • We make sure to provide you the best partnership experience. We provide different options for shipping speed to meet your preferred time.  A shipping fee may apply depending on your chosen delivery speed. 

    • Same Day Delivery – Shipping fee may apply, deliver depending on the availability of the products. 
    • Two Business Days Delivery – Shipping fee may apply, deliver depending on the availability of the products. For free shipping, it must exceed the minimum orders of the wholesale products. 
    • Three to Seven Business Days Delivery – Shipping fee with low cost may apply, depending on the availability of the items. For free shipping, it must exceed the minimum orders of the wholesale products.

    Please take note, shipping speed may vary depending on the location of the receiver.

  • Do you have a package set of orders recommended for a starting retailer like me?
  • Yes, definitely. We carefully choose what products are included in each package. We have recommendations for products that might match your preferences. Kindly, click here to check the options from which you can choose.

  • Are you customizing the wholesale orders? 
  • Yes. You are free to customize your wholesale orders. You can choose depending on your preferences. You may check our recommended package that you want to include in your orders. 

  • Does Most Wanted USA ship internationally (countries outside of US and Canada)? 
  • If the customer emails us, we can figure out international shipping on a case-by-case basis. 

  • What are the mode of payments available?
  • We have various payment methods available. You can pay your wholesale orders through the following:

    • AMEX
    • Discover
    • Master Card
    • VISA
    • PayPal
  • Are my payments and information secure?
  • Here at MW USA, our top priority is your information security. All information provided, both payment methods and personal details are properly secure to ensure the security of our customers. Please be advance that we won’t ask you about the complete number of your card. If that happens, kindly contact us right away. 

  • How long does it take in processing the orders?
  • Most Wanted USA is committed to processing orders promptly. The processing time is 3-5 business days once the order has placed. In some states, it usually takes 5-7 business days for delivery depending on the location. You will receive an email when the order has shipped. You will also receive notifications for your order status.

    Return Process

    What is the Return Policy? 
    Any claims for shortage, damage, or wrong items, must be made seven days after delivery. Returns are accepted only within 14 days, and returns must have our return authorization. All items for return or exchange must ship back to our warehouse in their original packaging. Any returns may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. For more information, feel free to email us anytime. 

  • How can I return the item?
  • If you want to return an item for your order, please follow the directions below:

    • E-mail us at info@mostwantedusa.com
    • Subject line: “RETURN” + Your Name.
    • Provide us with your Invoice Number.
    • Please let us know what style you'd like to return.
    • Please provide us with the reason why you want to return the items - this would greatly help us to improve our products.
    • We will reply in 2-3 business days with an RA number.
    • After getting confirmation from us, pack and seal your return items securely (in the original package). Please send the package with the RA number marked on the outside of the package. 
    • NO returns will be accepted without a return number issued by our office.

    Please note that at this time we cannot provide a return label. Kindly, check this link for more information. 

  • How long does the return-refund process works?
  • Once we received the returned item, that’s the time we can process the refund for the item. You will be receiving an email regarding the refund process. Refunds usually take 3-5 business days to appear in your account upon the process. Please be reminded that we won’t accept returns after 14 days as our system will automatically refuse the package.  

    Size Chart
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