5215 - Floral Whimsy: Flower Rosette Belt - A Blossoming Accent for Timeless Style

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Introducing our Flower Rosette Belt, a charming accessory that brings a touch of floral whimsy to your wardrobe. Each rosette is meticulously crafted to create a belt that captures the beauty of a blooming garden. This versatile accessory adds a feminine and timeless touch to your outfits, making it perfect for both casual and dressy occasions. Cinch your waist with the grace of delicate flowers and let the Flower Rosette Belt become your go-to choice for a blooming statement of style. Elevate your fashion with this enchanting belt that embodies the elegance of nature in every petal.

Material: faux leather
Weight: ~1.5 oz
Width: 0.75"
One size: 48"
How to style: over a summer dress or jumpsuit!
Made in China

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